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Crearch Studio ambitions are to strengthen their reputation as a reliable partner for the local and international investors, establishing their image as a creative team that leaves specific mark in every architectural work!

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In their works Crearch Studio aim to create a strong relation between theory and practice, searching for the optimal balance of aesthetics, function, economy and ecology in every particular project. One of the main particularities in their work is the formulation of specific approach to each project, with respect to the local context and theclient’s requirements.

Our approach is to become a reliable partner for each one of our clients in achieving their goals. The studio works with large bulgarian and international companies from the real estate sector. Crearch Studios also develops projects on a smaller scale, catering each client with great attention!

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"Here are my rules: what can be done with one substance must never be done with another. No two materials are alike. No two sites on earth are alike. No two buildings have the same purpose. The purpose, the site, the material determine the shape. Nothing can be reasonable or beautiful unless it's made by one central idea, and the idea sets every detail. A building is alive, like a man. Its integrity is to follow its own truth, its one single theme, and to serve its own single purpose. A man doesn't borrow pieces of his body. A building doesn't borrow hunks of its soul. Its maker gives it the soul and every wall, window and stairway to express it.
Ayn Rand "Fountainhead 1943"

This Blog is all about architecture, architects and Builders!

The Builder

March 22, 2014 in Design

A Builder builded a temple, He wrought it with grace and skill; Pillars and groins and arches All fashioned to work his will. Men said, as they saw its beauty, "It shall never know decay; Great is thy skill O Builder! Thy fame shall endure for aye."

About Architecture

June 26, 2015 in Architecture

Never talk to a client about architecture. Talk to him about his children. That is simply good politics. He will not understand what you have to say about architecture most of the time. An architect of ability should be able to tell a client what he wants. Most of the time a client never knows what he wants. – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Man and Architecture

June 26, 2014 in Architecture

Architecture is the constant fight between man and nature, the fight to overwhelm nature, to possess it. The first act of architecture is to put a stone on the ground. That act transforms a condition of nature into a condition of culture; it’s a holy act. – Mario Botta

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